Track Addicts

Black Widow Track Addicts

Our Track Addicts page showcases amazingly skilled Black Widow-sponsored racers who put our mufflers to the test. Yes, they have an incurable addiction to the track and to their rides. And no, they don't have a "problem"... nor do they want counseling – they just love to race.

Mike Mair Mike Mair

Year/Make/Model: 1965 Chevrolet Corvette
Engine Type: 525 hp 364 small block
Headers: Hooker
Intake: TPiS fuel injection
Exhaust: Black Widow dual 2.5" Venom 250-series
Transmission: Muncie M-21 4-speed
Rear End: N/A
Suspension: JRi
Brakes: Spec 37 rotors/Wildwood 6-piston (front), 4-piston (back)
Wheels/Tires: - 315-series Falken (all 4)
Mike Mair Mike Mair

Year/Make/Model: 1966 Ford Mustang
Engine Type: RoushYates 750 hp NASCAR v8
Exhaust: Black Widow dual 3" Venom 250-series
Transmission: C&R Racing CR1V2 four-speed
Rear End: C&R Racing third member, Motive Gears lightweight gearset
Suspension: RTR-X/JRI racing shocks
Brakes:Wildwood 6-piston (front), 4-piston (back)
Wheels/Tires: Custom Team Three/315/30R18 Falken Azenis RT615Ks
Jake Roselle Jake Roselle

Year/Make/Model: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Engine Type: 640 hp Lingenfeltre LS7
Intake: To Come
Headers: Kook's
Exhaust: Dual Black Widow 3" Pro Venom 250-series
Transmission: Tremec T-56 Magnum six-speed
Rear End: Ford 9-inch
Suspension: DSE/JRi
Brakes: To Come
Wheels/Tires: Forgeline GA3R

Wes Drelleshack Wes Drelleshack

Year/Make/Model: 1959 Chevrolet Apache
Engine Type: 383 Stroker, 10.5-1 compression
Intake: Edelbrock 5701
Headers: Hedman Headers
Exhaust: Single Black Widow single 3" Venom 300-series
Transmission: TKO-five-speed and Centerforce DYAD clutch
Rear End: Currie 9T, Speedway Engineering Floater
Suspension: No Limit Engineering and RideTech TA
Brakes: The Brake Man F-4 Calipers
Wheels/Tires: - Weld Racing/295/40-18 Falken

Mike Sullivan Mike Sullivan

Year/Make/Model: 1965 Chevrolet El Camino
Engine Type: To Come
Intake: To Come
Headers: To Come
Exhaust: To Come
Transmission: To Come
Rear End: To Come
Suspension: To Come
Brakes: To Come
Wheels/Tires: - To Come